Teaching your children how to play golf

As a parent of two teenagers, who are very fond of golf, i get a lot of questions about how i managed to achieve that. And to be honest, getting my kids to like golf was never my intention to begin with. And that might have been the key to my success. I see a lot of families on golf course who force their kids to play and practice golf every day and you can tell that those kids are not enjoying any minute of it. Whatever liking they had for the sport is long gone and now they can’t wait to get home from the practice. And that is all thanks to their parents’ approach of forcing them into the sport. I believe that humans are designed as free creatures, and forcing anyone into anything is a waste of time.

 I don’t practice golf with my children every day, but rather once a week, usually on weekends. And surprisingly, i’m never the one to initiate our trip to the golf course. Kids usually have such a good time that they’ll beg me every week to take them with me. And i think that’s the key – making golf fun and enjoyable for the kids. First thing i did to achieve this, was buying very good clubs for kids, carefully picked out by Experts. Even if that means letting them bring toys to the course to play with once they get bored of golf. At first my kids did bring toys to the course, but now they’re too involved in the game to consider doing something else. And i’m very proud of that.

 The main reason why people are frustrated with learning things, is failure. And when you’re teaching golf to your kids, that’s the first thing that you need to get rid of. Everyone hates being bad at something, so if you want your kids to be able to learn easily, don’t be frustrated or irritated by their mistakes. Try to keep it as much fun as possible. If they are having friends over, or just don’t want to go to play golf and want to watch TV instead, let them do it. Obviously, excessive TV is also bad, but that is topic for another discussion.

 And as to why you might want to teach your kids – possibilities are endless. The benefits of having extracurricular activities on their resume, like for example playing on high school golf tournaments is very big. And in this convenience-based culture that we have here in US, it’s nice to give them habits that include going out and being active.

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