Golf club brands – which one’s the best, and why?

Considering different brands is important part of buying golf club set or individual clubs. There are golf brands that are specific to golf and do not make any other sports gear, and you can also find golf clubs made by huge sport goods manufacturers like Nike and Adidas. Although i should mention that Nike has decided to quit making golf clubs, and Adidas doesn’t manufacture them directly, but through it’s subsidiary. Other major golf club manufacturers include Callaway, Wilson, Ping, Cobra, Adams and many more. In this post, i will try to briefly describe each one of them and point out any advantages or disadvantages that each one of them may have. That way, you will be informed about golf brands and hopefully it will help you choose high quality clubs that will last you for years to come. But even if you aren’t looking to get golf clubs any time soon, i’d still advise you to read this – as it’s filled with useful knowledge about golf clubs and provides general information about golf. But let’s get to the point and briefly review each one of golf clubs available right now.

 Callaway – in my opinion, Callaway is the most trustworthy golf club manufacturer out there. They price their golf clubs fairly, at least compared to the quality, and based on my experience, their customer service is very good.Plus, they offer wide variety of golf clubs and accessories. They make clubs for best golf clubs for women, men and even children. For in depth review of women’s clubs, check this Golf Blog. Especially if you are a beginner, i highly recommend this brand. They sell excellent golf club sets under their umbrella brand Strata, which are called Callaway strata golf club sets. Search them up on Amazon for more information.

 Ping – founded in 1959, Ping is one of the most reputable golf club manufacturers that are still around. In particular, i’ve heard great things about their irons. They sell golf clubs all over the world and based on things i’ve heard from my friends, Ping seems to be reigning king in terms of craftsmanship and quality of their golf clubs. But i haven’t had any experience with them myself, so don’t have a lot more to say.

And last, but definitely not the least – Mizuno. This japanese golf club manufacturer has been around for more than a century. And their golf clubs, despite being super expensive, are one of the most popular and arguably the best irons and woods around today. Mizuno takes pride in its work and makes highest quality golf clubs, shoes and accessories possible. I have used Mizuno jpx 850 myself, and i can’t even describe how great of a club it is. I’ve played with many clubs in my life, but Mizuno’s quality is unmatchable.

Teaching your children how to play golf

As a parent of two teenagers, who are very fond of golf, i get a lot of questions about how i managed to achieve that. And to be honest, getting my kids to like golf was never my intention to begin with. And that might have been the key to my success. I see a lot of families on golf course who force their kids to play and practice golf every day and you can tell that those kids are not enjoying any minute of it. Whatever liking they had for the sport is long gone and now they can’t wait to get home from the practice. And that is all thanks to their parents’ approach of forcing them into the sport. I believe that humans are designed as free creatures, and forcing anyone into anything is a waste of time.

 I don’t practice golf with my children every day, but rather once a week, usually on weekends. And surprisingly, i’m never the one to initiate our trip to the golf course. Kids usually have such a good time that they’ll beg me every week to take them with me. And i think that’s the key – making golf fun and enjoyable for the kids. First thing i did to achieve this, was buying very good clubs for kids, carefully picked out by Experts. Even if that means letting them bring toys to the course to play with once they get bored of golf. At first my kids did bring toys to the course, but now they’re too involved in the game to consider doing something else. And i’m very proud of that.

 The main reason why people are frustrated with learning things, is failure. And when you’re teaching golf to your kids, that’s the first thing that you need to get rid of. Everyone hates being bad at something, so if you want your kids to be able to learn easily, don’t be frustrated or irritated by their mistakes. Try to keep it as much fun as possible. If they are having friends over, or just don’t want to go to play golf and want to watch TV instead, let them do it. Obviously, excessive TV is also bad, but that is topic for another discussion.

 And as to why you might want to teach your kids – possibilities are endless. The benefits of having extracurricular activities on their resume, like for example playing on high school golf tournaments is very big. And in this convenience-based culture that we have here in US, it’s nice to give them habits that include going out and being active.

Can golf be played on cheap?

There is this common misconception around the world, not only in US, that golf is terribly expensive sport. Whenever i ask a friend or acquaintance of mine about golf, there are two responses – they are either playing golf and loving it, or they have this flawed perception of golf. The stereotype about golf seems to be that it is very expensive sport that can only be played by the rich. And based on my experience, that couldn’t be further from truth, but i have to give credit where it is due – Golf manufacturers and players themselves haven’t made it easy for that stereotype to disappear. Some golfers, who usually have fat wallets, like to show off their thousand buck golf clubs and golf course memberships. Brands have to cater to these golfers, because most of their profits comes from selling high quality seniors golf clubs. But that doesn’t mean that’s the only thing they sell. There are plenty of affordable golf clubs that any middle class person can afford, according to GolfClubsGuru.They are more than enough for playing at amateur level. If you start to get more serious though, you definitely need one of those high end clubs, but most people just play golf for fun, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

 But even if you insist on having high end golf clubs, there are still ways and tricks you can use to reduce your spending. Often people, who are in the same position but can’t afford to pay for high end clubs, opt for used golf clubs instead. Although you have to be careful, because sites like eBay and Craigslist, which are the primary source for used golf clubs, don’t have much of a customer service, so if your club set turns out to be faulty, you can’t return or basically do anything about it, except for writing a bad review to the seller. Although there are ways you can get around that as well. You should only consider buying from sellers with high ratings with a lot of satisfied customers. That way, you can be sure that seller is honest, but there are still few things you need to keep in mind. Check golf club description and pictures diligently, there might be some problem with the club. But basically, i follow this simple rule – if it’s too good to be true, it probably is bad golf club. Also you can track the clubs that others are bidding on, having them do all the research for you, while you pick out your favorite club.

 Another good way to save money on them is by buying last year’s models, or 2-3 year old golf clubs are okay as well. There is this trend in golf industry, Golf club brands release new models of clubs every year, and people with money like to keep up and always have newest models available, sort of like iPhone craze that is going on now. So those guys tend to sell their old clubs, and they do it at very cheap rate. That creates opportunity for you to jump on the deal and enjoy your sweet savings.